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For Administrators of a Child Care Program:

Quick Tips for Administrators

Setting Up A Schedule for Emailed Reports

Setting Up Priority Lists




For Employees of a Child Care Program

Creating and Canceling Absences


More Helpful Information

  • Absences can be created, updated and canceled both on the web and over the phone. the phone number to access your account is 1 855 806 8805. Have your User ID (Access #) and PIN ready.
  • Employees are not able to cancel jobs within 24 hours of the job posting.  This could affect a substitute’s ability to work after being canceled on short notice.
  • If an administrator overrides the 24 hour rule, please be aware that the substitute that agreed to work, will now be canceled.  If this continues to happen, substitutes may take their name off your location list if they cannot count on the work they have agreed to.
  • When you get started, you may want to ask substitutes to contact you or the Supervisor to confirm they have accepted the job.  Until you are ready to trust the system, you will feel assured there will be someone coming in to replace you.  You can put this in the special instructions (when creating an absence) and the system will relay your message.
  • The system starts calling at 6:00 am for jobs on that day, and will continue to call substitutes on your location list until the job is to start. (i.e., if the job was to start at 9:30 and didn’t get filled, it would stop calling at 9:30 am)
  • The system starts calling at 6:00 pm and stops at 9:00 pm for future jobs (anything from tomorrow’s jobs to 30 days from tomorrow).  The calls go out from Sunday to Thursday.  The system does not call out for future jobs on Friday evening, but will wait until Sunday.
  • Once you have created an absence, the system will email you to confirm the job has been posted (if you  have provided an email).  An email will also go out to the substitute once they have accepted the job.   Substitutes will also get a reminder email one day prior to the job starting.  Staff will not get an email notifying them when a job has been filled.  Administrators can set up a report that can be emailed to staff if they wish.
  • Priority lists can be set.  If you have a favourite substitute and would like she/he to be contacted first when you are away, your administrator can add them to a Preferred list.  Your administrator can make a preferred list that is specific to your absences.  (i.e., if you are going to be away and a specific substitute works really well with your teammate, that person can be automatically called first.)
  • Just like preferred lists, you can add a substitute to a Do Not Use list (i.e., if a substitute was always late or you didn’t like how he/she interacts with the children).  Your administrator can set up a list of substitutes that do not work well in your room or your location.
  • Substitutes can cancel within 3 hours of a job starting.  This is to provide the best opportunity for filling the  posting.  If a substitute has accepted a job and through the night, they get sick, and a 24 hour restriction was set, the substitute would need to wait until the morning to call the centre to cancel.  The administrator would then have to cancel the job and re-post it, taking up valuable time.  With the settings being that a substitute can cancel up to three hours before the job starts, they can wake up in the night feeling sick, cancel the job and in the morning, the system will start calling at 6:00 am to fill that job.
  • You can update parts of your profile anytime you like.  You can change your email or password by going to the top right corner of the webpage at anytime. To change your schedule, your administrator will need to do this.
  • If a substitute shows up for a job and she/he has not been interviewed by your centre, it is up to centre/agency to decide if the substitute should stay.  Substitutes that have not been interviewed should be on a Do Not Use list until they are cleared for work.  Check with your administrator to be sure all of your sub’s are ready for work.
  • If you are having any trouble posting or canceling, contact your agency administrator or Trish Bucholtz at 705 748 8830 ext. 3496  or