School Age Network

Welcome to the homepage of the School Age Network. The network is currently on hold till facilitation is arranged.


Next meeting:TBA


Location:  TBA

Time: 6:30 – 8:00





Previous Meetings:

Wednesday, June 3, 2015 at Curve Lake

Thursday, February 13 at Strath MacLean Child Care

Details: A good-sized group was welcomed at Strath where we discussed some past topics such as peer massage. We had a tour around the site with lots of discussion of programming ideas and challenges. There were also many examples of documentation for participants to view and discuss.       

A recently circulated story about a school playground experience with removing rules was shared. One of our roles is to share information with the wider community and this offers food for thought. Here is the link:  


Thursday, November 28 at the IIQ office on Braidwood

Details: There was some follow-up discussion about the presentation with Marc Battle. Re-visiting gun play was one of the things which interested the group. There was also some sharing of how different programs deal with dressing (or not) for going outside now that the cold has arrived.

We also watched a couple of short video clips on peer massage. Here is the link: Peer massage


Thursday, October 10  at Trent Child Care: Monsignor O’Donaghue

Details: A group of educators met and had a lively discussion of their programs, ideas and challenges. There is interest in making observation and documentation a focus of the meetings over the year.


There was also interest in sharing email addresses within the group. This would allow you to send out questions or share activities that you have done. If you are interested, please contact Katherine at    or   (705) 749-3488  ext. 218