Administration Resources

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250 Management Success Stories

Short and quick ideas on motivation, staff training, staff benefits, staff meetings, parent relations, resource development and organizational management.

Administering for Quality

An inclusive text that defines early childhood settings and how they operate. Topics covered include setting up an early childcare facility, standards of care, contracts, the role of government and planning and administration.

Anti-Ordinary Thinkbook

Use the exercises in this book as catalysts to innovative thinking in your icebreakers, problem-solvers, idea-sparkers.

The Art of Leadership: Developing People

Professionals working in early childhood organizations need to continually improve their skills and broaden their perspectives. Developing People offers practical advice from leading experts in our field on selecting, training, and appraising staff, as well as promoting teamwork among staff members. 144 pgs.

The Art of Leadership: Leading Early Childhood Organizations

Leadership matters in early childhood. Leading Early Childhood Organizations provides you with practical advice from top experts on leadership in the early childhood arena. Content focuses on the skills required to lead an organization, supervise staff, and manage the organization. 136 pgs.

The Art of Leadership: Promoting Early Childhood Services

Promoting Early Childhood Services offers practical advice from leading experts in our field on economics, advocating for children and families and promoting your program. 124 pgs.

The Art of Leadership: Managing Money

NEW!     Administrators of early childhood programs must be as effective at managing financial matters as they are at caring for young children and their families. This book provides you with practical advice from top experts on every aspect of money management, including budgeting, fundraising, financial reporting, cash flow analysis, audits, salary schedules, fee policies, collection techniques, and more. (139 pg)

The Art of Leadership: Cultivating an Early Childhood Curriculum

A high quality curriculum is at the core of a high quality early childhood program. Cultivating an Early Childhood Curriculum provides practical, down-to-earth advice from leading experts on curriculum development. Content focuses on child development, curriculum principles, environmental design, and program evaluation. (166 pg)

The Art of Leadership: Engaging Families

Engaging Families addresses the full spectrum of responsibilities in working with families: welcoming, supporting, engaging, and communicating with parents. In addition, it provides helpful advice on working with all types of families in today's society. (128 pg.)

Co-Active Leadership: Five Ways to Lead

NEW!     The authors provide a model that harnesses the possibility of many rather than relying on the power of one. The approach recognizes that leadership has to be fluid and flexible. (pg. 100)

Does Your Team Work?

The best of Exchange #10

The Heart of Mentoring

Spend your time and energy to truly make a difference in someone's life. Mentoring is a relational process that involves life-to-life exchanges to help others discover and pursue their passions.

Lead the Way: 24 Lessons for After School Programs

Lead the Way provides short, self-guided overviews that both aspiring and practicing after school professionals need to thrive in their roles. The 24 fundamental insights and strategies can be used as professional development topics with after school program staff, laying the foundation for the program to recruit, retain, and grow effective leaders.

Leadership in Early Childhood

NEW!   Covers deconstructing leadership, leadership in practice, and special responsibilities of early childhood leaders. It also looks at contributing factors to effective leadership along with case studies and examples. (pg. 266)

Learning to Lead

NEW!      Learning to Lead provides an in-depth look at how leadership skills impact all areas of early childhood care and education with an accessible combination of leadership theory and practice.

Lifesavers Tips for Success and Sanity for Early Childhood Managers

Staff Challenges

Articles from Child Care Information Exchange

The Three Rs of Leadership

The Three Rs of Leadership redefines the concept of leadership in early childhood education, proposing a model of shared responsibility among school stakeholders. Drawing on her 30-plus years of working in and with schools, the author explores the three Rs of leadership—relationships, reciprocal learning, and reflection—in the context of developmentally appropriate programs that promote and support meaningful learning.

The Visionary Director

Create a larger vision in your child care program and perform your job as a centre director with motivation and creativity.

What You Need to Lead

Early childhood directors manage through relationships. This important book guides a director through the steps to build respectful, dynamic, and welcoming relationships with families and staff.


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