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Addressing Challenging Behaviors Module 1

Challenging behavior is one of the biggest issues early childhood educators face every day. Most often these behaviors are caused by challenges presented by the social and physical environment, yet often the approach is to "fix" the child rather than "fix" the factors that contribute to the behavior.

Children's Behaviours (1, 2): Child Development and Challenging Behaviours and Risk Factors

Addressing Challenging Behavior: Module 2

Promoting Positive Behaviours (3, 4, 5): Finding Children's Strengths and Preventing Challenging Behaviours

Addressing Challenging Behaviors Module 3

Adults' Behaviours (6, 7): Teachers making a difference and Developing a Behaviour Plan

Addressing Challenging Behaviors Module 4

Intervention and Strategies (6, 7, 8): Developing a Behaviour Plan and Intervention Strategies

Building Bridges between Teachers and Families

Two early childhood educators demonstrate how they build partnerships with families.

Children at the Centre

In Children at the Center, teachers rethink their preschool environments, routines, materials, and curriculum. They examine the attitudes and roles that they bring to their work with children and families. This video is a visual companion to Reflecting Children’s Lives.

Classroom Moments

Video clips to enhance early childhood observation and training.

Facing the Challenge: Disc 1 and Disc 2

Facing the Challenge is an instructional, interactive DVD that includes over two hours of training and documentary video designed to help teachers learn how to prevent children’s use of difficult behaviours and how to develop intervention strategies to work with children who use challenging behaviours to meet their needs.

Giving Children More Languages

This DVD can be used as a self-study tool or in workshops. It reviews ways for children to see themselves as thinkers, artists and communicators. Many pictures to guide and inspire.

How to Measure Inclusion Quality in Child Care

This video has critical tools for assessing inclusion quality in child care centres - a major issue as more centres commit to including all children.

Leave No Child Inside

This DVD can be used as a self-study tool or in workshops. It begins with a consideration of planning the outdoors as carefully as the indoors. Many pictures to guide and inspire.

Navigating Young Minds DVD

This DVD demonstrates a pedagogical approach where programming is based according to the child's interests.

Placemaking DVD

Our children spend more waking time in our early childhood programs and need to feel like they are in their own 'home away from home'.

Recruiting and Retaining Men In Early Childhood Settings

The number of men working as teachers in the field of early childhood education has steadily declined over the past 40 years. Yet, the need for men in this field has never been greater. Children need positive male role models to learn about gender identity and balance. They also need exposure to both men and women to learn how they work together and enhance each other's skills.

Right from the Start

An interactive multi-media DVD designed to strengthen early childhood program administrators in the challenging work of hiring, orienting and supporting teachers to become reflective and intentional in their work.

See How They Move

See the grace, agility, and coping skills that infants can acquire on their own if not impeded by restrictive devices such as walkers, swings, or bouncers. See also how babies learn to roll over, sit, stand, and walk naturally if they have not been propped or “helped” before they have matured enough to move in the way for which they are ready. A concerned father questions Magda Gerber as she explains how the philosophy of respect applies to infants' motor development from birth to 2 years and is basic to all subsequent development. DVD, 27 min.

See How They Play

This video explores Magda Gerber's approach to play for infants and toddlers. As they construct their knowledge about the world, even very young babies need time to play and explore autonomously.

Side by Side: Mentoring Teachers for Reflective Practice

Follow two child care programs as they design a mentoring program to guide their teachers in becoming better observers and curriculum developers, drawing on the children's interests.

Thinking Big: Extending Emergent Curriculum Projects

Those who have viewed Children at the Center and Setting Sail will see these teachers working with a deeper understanding of the ideas of Reggio Emilia. They guide their four and five year olds to deepen their learning as they represent and re-represent their ideas with different art media. Filmed at Hilltop Children’s Center.

To See Takes Time

Child Care teachers probe children's questions, involve their families, and offer a range of art media to express ideas.

True North Values DVD

It is the professional trade of the educator to evoke curiosity and intrigue within the children in their care.

Visionary Infant Toddler Program Environments

Discover program elements that help children feel cozy and at home, and connect with others and the outside world. See how to engage children in sensory exploration and physical activity, make literacy meaningful, and enjoy diapering experiences.