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The Art of Awareness

Featuring 9 Observation Study Sessions, The Art of Awareness offers ideas, activities and experiences - much more that just a set of checklists and facts to learn. Observing children closely provides a new way of thinking about learning and teaching, a way of making children visible as they are, not just as we want them to be.

Anti-Bias Education for Young Children and Ourselves

Become a skilled anti-bias teacher with this volume’s practical guidance to confronting and eliminating barriers of prejudice, misinformation, and bias; most importantly, find tips for helping staff and children respect each other, themselves, and all people.

An Activity Based Approach to Developing Young Childrens Social Emotional Competence

A ready-to-use, start-to-finish linked system for identifying concerns and improving young children's social emotional health.

The Art of Land Based Learning

NEW!     This beautiful book documents and shares the experiences of children, artists and educators as they learn about the emergence of natural materials. It is a wonderful resource for educators working with early learners.

A Beginnings Workshop Book: Curriculum Art, Music, Movement, Drama

Each Beginnings Workshop book is a comprehensive collection of articles from Child Care Exchange on a particular topic.

A Beginnings Workshop Book: Curriculum Brain Research, Math, Science

Each Beginnings Workshop book is a comprehensive collection of articles from Child Care Exchange on a particular topic.

A Beginnings Workshop Book: Environments

Each Beginnings Workshop book is a comprehensive collection of articles from Child Care Exchange on a particular topic.

A Beginnings Workshop Book: Literacy

Each Beginnings Workshop book is a comprehensive collection of articles from Child Care Exchange on a particular topic.

A Beginnings Workshop Book: Play

Each Beginnings Workshop book is a comprehensive collection of articles from Child Care Exchange on a particular topic.

The Big Messy Art Book

Open the door for children to explore art on a grander, more expressive scale.

Beautiful Stuff

Share the journey of real teachers who observed and recorded what happens when the focus is on process rather than product.

Building Structures with Young Children

Camp Games

Large and small group games for children 4-16. Easy to follow instructions and illustrations that include tips for adapting and making variations to familiar games.

Caring Spaces, Learning Places

NEW!    This is a book of ideas, observations and problems, solutions, examples, resources, photographs and poetry.  Here you will find current thinking about children's environments. (380 pg.)

Celebrate-An Anti-Bias Guide to Including Holidays

NEW!     Celebrate offers a helpful analysis of the complexity of working with diverse children, families and staff to include holidays in programs.  This book builds on policies that reflect all children's experiences, considers religion, stereotypes and commercialism and meets the needs of all families encouraging family involvement.

Designs for Living and Learning

Outlines hundreds of ways to create healthy and inviting physical, social and emotional environments for children in child care.

Designs for Living and Learning 2nd edition

Designs for Living and Learning has been a favorite resource among educators and caregivers for more than a decade, and this new edition is packed with even more fresh ideas that can be used as you create captivating environments that nurture learning.

Discovering Nature with Young Children

Emergent Curriculum in Early Childhood Settings

This book explores the components of emergent curriculum and how its practices and principles can improve the educational culture of early childhood programs.

Experiencing Nature

Part ballad to nature, part irresistible invitation to teachers, this book will awaken and renew your own joy in nature - and move you to experience it with young children.

Exploring Water with Young Children

Fascination of Air Wind

A combination of children's voices and progression points share the approach of teaching and learning, which in 2011 received three accolades and was described as 'inspirational and sector leading'. Simple, clear and easy to use for anyone working with children from 3 - 11 years old.

Fascination of Water Puddles

A combination of children's voices and progression points share the approach of teaching and learning, which in 2011 received three accolades and was described as 'inspirational and sector leading'. Simple, clear and easy to use for anyone working with children from 3 - 11 years old.

First Art

Creative art experiences designed for toddlers and twos.

Focused Observations

Give teachers the tools to watch, listen, and learn! Focused Observations provides a comprehensive introduction to observation in the early childhood classroom. Six chapters detail classroom-tested observation techniques that allow teachers to understand children’s behavior, assess children’s development, and develop curriculum that addresses children’s capabilities and passions. Ideal for pre-service or practicing teachers, Focused Observations also contains discussion questions, observation practice exercises, and reflection assignments.

Focused Portfolios

Documenting children's discoveries as well as their challenges, teachers and caregivers can more effectively adapt teaching styles and curriculum for each child in their care.

Great Afterschool Programs and Spaces

NEW!     This book is filled with hundreds of ideas-from setting up a quiet reading nook to tackling clutter whether your program operates before of after school or on PA days, during the summer or overnight, you can create a dynamic environment. (284 pg.)

The Great Outdoors

New delights and opportunities for learning await each time children venture outdoors. This book will inspire teachers to make it possible for children to spend more time outdoors, have safe environments, and be free to learn through exploration.

Hey Kids Out the Door, Let's Explore

Use children's interests as starting points to plan walks that are meaningful and engaging.

Heart Centered Teaching Inspired by Nature

NEW!     This book offers readers ways to use connections with nature to find strength and inspiration for their personal journeys so they can bring their best selves to their work with children.

Hollyhocks and Honeybees

Garden projects for young children.

Incredible Edible Science

Recipes for developing science and literacy skills.

Inspiring Spaces for Young Children

Step-by-step instructions and lush photographs take educators through the process of transforming ordinary classrooms into creative, beautiful learning spaces.

The Intentional Teacher

A book that recognizes there is a middle ground where children and adults share responsibility for learning.

The Language of Art

Advice on setting up a studio space for art and inquiry practices in early childhood settings.

The Language of Art 2nd edition

Typical art resources for teachers offer discrete art activities, but these don't carry children or teachers into the practice of using the languages of art. This resource offers guidance for teachers to create space, time, and intentional processes for children's exploration and learning to use art for asking questions, offering insights, exploring hypotheses, and examining experiences from unfamiliar perspectives.

Last Child in the Woods: Saving Our Children from Nature-Deficit Disorder

This is the first book to bring together a new and growing body of research indicating that direct exposure to nature is essential for healthy childhood development and for the physical and emotional health of children and adults.

Learning Stories

This widely acclaimed approach to assessment has since gained a huge international following. In this new full-colour book, the authors outline the philosophy behind Learning Stories and refer to the latest findings from the research projects they have led with teachers on learning dispositions and learning power.

Learning Together with Young Children

Inspires you to create a classroom culture that welcomes and nourishes children and families.

Learning with Nature

Discover techniques for using outdoor classrooms as an integral part of preschool and elementary children's daily learning.

Lens on Outdoor Learning

Nature sets the stage for endless opportunities of discovery, exploration, and appreciation when children's innate curiosity is encouraged.

Loose Parts: Inspiring Play in Young Children

A book to empower children's creativity, enhance play and encourage problem solving especially for early childhood professionals who advocate for play. 

Loose Parts 2: Inspiring Play for Infants and Toddlers

This follow-up to the wildly popular Loose Parts: Inspiring Play in Young Children brings the fun of found objects to infants and toddlers. A variety of new and innovative loose parts ideas are paired with beautiful photography to inspire safe loose parts play in your infant toddler environment.

Making it Better

The 70+ practical classroom activities presented in this book are based on sound research and offer guidance on how to seize opportunities to reach children, and help them survive, thrive and heal.

Making the Most of Light and Mirrors

Each of the scenarios in this book, accompanied by stunning full colour photographs, shows how the use of light and mirrors can support play and active learning, explorarion and investigation, creativity and critical thinking.

Making the Most of Outdoor Learning

The book demonstrates how outdoor spaces, both in the setting and further afield, can add richness to the learning environment setting's provide for very young children.

Making the Most of Reclaimed and Natural Materials

Reclaimed and natural materials, in all their variety of colours, shapes, sizes, textures and origins, are fascinating and intriguing to children of all ages! This book has been specifically written to celebrate the wonderful ideas and theories that babies and young children demonstrate on a daily basis, as they play and explore the world around them.

Messy Play

NEW!     A book of 40 fun sensory experiences for young learners including many recipes.

Natural Playscapes

This book is about a new movement in children's outdoor play areas, natural playscapes -- filled with art, hills, pathways, trees, herbs, open areas, sand, water, music, and more. (Close to 500 color photographs and illustrations.)

Pedagogy and Space

Blending architectural design and developmentally appropriate early childhood environments, this book is a source of inspiration. The intersection of architecture and education is a new and burgeoning area of interest. This book blends architectural design information with theory-based content explaining the foundations of developmentally appropriate early childhood environments.

Pedagogical Documentation in Early Childhood

This practical guide with rich ideas, useful references, beautiful visuals and a framework will help you create documentation that tells the story of children's exploration.

The Power of Emergent Curriculum

Stories from early childhood settings - these extraordinary stories will inspire early childhood educators to imagine new possibilities in curriculum and learning.

The Preschool Scientist

Using learning centres to discover and explore science.

Ramps and Pathways

NEW!     If you think the words young children and physics don't belong together, think again. Discover how to apply the ten principles of constructivist teaching in your classroom and use ramps to engage children in deep reasoning about physical objects and phenomena such as force and motion. (p. 95)

Really Seeing Children

NEW!     Slow down, observe, delight, and practice really seeing children every day, for being with children in this way is not just a way of working, but a way of life. Deb Curtis, in her more than 40 years as an early childhood educator, has cultivated a reflective teaching practice devoted to really seeing children. (p. 148)

Reflecting Childrens Lives

Learn how to sharpen your observation and documentation skills, set up your space, and transform your teaching to reflect children's interests and needs.

Teaching and Learning with Infants and Toddlers

This groundbreaking book explores infants' amazing capacity to learn and presents a reflective approach to teaching inspired by the early childhood schools in Reggio Emilia, Italy.

Teaching STEM in the Early Years

More than 85 activities that support and extend children's learning in the four STEM disciplines - Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.

The Unscripted Classroom

Step out of your usual scripts and use innovative practices as you respond to children's budding interests. The Unscripted Classroom encourages creativity and flexibility as you observe, interact with, and teach children to better support their passion for learning.

Visions of Creativity in Early Childhood

Support the children as they discover, explore and experience their world. A collection of teachers' stories and reflections.

Vitamin N

Vitamin N is a one-of-a-kind, comprehensive, and practical guidebook for the whole family and the wider community, including tips not only for parents eager to share nature with their kids but also for those seeking nature-smart schools, medical professionals, and even careers. It is a dose of pure inspiration, reminding us that looking up at the stars or taking a walk in the woods is as exhilarating as it is essential, at any age.

Working in the Reggio Way

Working in the Reggio Way helps teachers of young children bring the innovative practices of the schools in Reggio Emilia, Italy, to American classrooms. Written by an educator who observed and worked in the world-famous schools, this groundbreaking resource presents the key tools that will allow teachers to transform their classrooms.

Yoga Kit for Kids: Fun and Fitness

25 yoga cards, instruction book, music CD: to develop strength, flexibility and balance.

Early Learning for Every Child Today

Describes how young children learn and develop, and provides a guide for curriculum in Ontario's early childhood settings.


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