Articles for Self-directed Learning

Welcome to the page for self-directed learning. This resource aims to provide articles for professional learning.

“ ‘Professional learning’ is … viewed as a range of on-going activities in which early childhood educators are actively engaged in the processes of assessing and reflecting on their own learning and practice. In this model, learning becomes a back and forth interaction between practicing and thinking about practice that is supported by multiple stakeholders across the different stages of a professional’s career”. (Urban, 2008).

Below you will find some forms to use along with a selection of articles to read, either on your own or with others.

Suggestions for Self Directed Learning

Guided Reflection Form(Can be printed off and completed for reflective practice)

Guided reflection for documentary film Babies     (copy of DVD available from resource library)


General Articles

Pedagogical Documentation as a Tool for Thinking Differently     (May 2016)

When do children learn to write? Earlier than you might think  (February 2016)

What’s the Problem with Time Out, Anyway?   (September 2015)

New Study Confirms Lack of Connection to Nature is Making Us Sick    (May 2015)

The Decline of Play in Preschoolers  September 2015

The Biggest Risk is Keeping Them Indoors  June 2015

That’s Not Fair! Crime and Punishment in a Preschoolers Mind June 2015

8 Science based reasons for letting your kid play outdoors   June 2015

In Brief: The Science of Resiliance  April 2015

Lively Minds: Distinctions between academic and intellectual goals for young children. April 2015

The Learning Myth: Why I’ll Never Tell My Son He’s Smart November 2014

Child Discipline: Ontario Parents’ Knowledge, Beliefs and Behaviours    September 2104

How Cultures around the World Think about Parenting      July 2014

Boys and Girls, Men and Women, in Non-Traditional Occupations    August 2014

Ready…Set…Wonder!  Nature Prompts for the Early Learning & Care Educator   July 2014

Study Shows Classroom Decor Can Distract From Learning   July 2014

“How a Radical New Teaching Method Could Unleash a Generation of Geniuses”      July 2014

Enterprise Talk   Tom Drummond

Child development

What to Do for a Fussy Baby  Janet Gonzalez-Mena

Promoting Mindfulness: Helping Young Children Cope With Separation  Julia Yeary

Bang! Bang! Gun Play, and Why Children Need It   Diane Rich

Why Preschool Shouldn’t be Like School  Alison Gopnik

Observation and Documentation

Learning to Document in Reggio-Inspired Education    (C.A. Wien with Guyevskey & Berdoussis)

The Power of Documentation  Hilary Weitz


Following a Child’s Lead: Emergent Curriculum for Infants and Toddlers  Susan Friedman

What’s Wrong with Colouring Books?   Christine McLean

Nature Based Learning: Taking Toddlers and Infants Outside   Emily J. Adams


Promoting Pro-social Behavior in Infants and Toddlers  Linda Groves Gillespie & Amy Hunter

“He Did It on Purpose”   Dan Gartrell

From Policing to Participation: Overturning the Rules and Creating Amiable Classrooms   Carol Anne Wien

Rough Play: One of the most challenging Behaviours    Frances M. Carlson   (For more information, read ‘Big Body Play’ from the Resource Library

Other Articles 

Starting Childcare: It’s a Transition for Parents, Too    (for infants and toddlers)

Planning Environments and Materials that Respond to Young Childrens’ Lively Minds   Curtis, Brown, Baird & Coghlin

Building Community through Breakfast Club (NAEYC) Lynn A. Manfredi/Petitt



Other sources of articles

Child Care Exchange (5 free per year):

Young Children (NAEYC):